Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Indian college girl head shave story

This is one of my college mate real life experience. I have change the name of the character.

Her name is Swathi, she studying with me in UG in Arts college. She had a gorgeous long hair. She maintains very well. Actually her hair is curly, she straightened her hair. So she looks awesome in this. We both are good friends. In our group 2 girls and 5 guys. Everytime and everywhere we 7 of them will chat and enjoy with our college life. After semester holidays our college reopen, we are in the 2nd year. Few months later, Swathi got sick and she is not coming to the college for more than 1 week. So our friends are going to Swathi's house and we met her. She said she had a typhoid. so will be return the college by minimum of 30 to 45 days.

After 10 days me and other girl (Priya) went to her house. She is very sick, when we enter her room she wake and sat in the bed. Her half of her long hair is chopped to mid length. We both got shocked her look. After some discussion we asking about her hair, she said, due to fever she unable to maintain her hair, she is not took head bath for past 20 days for this. So her hair very ugly. So her mother convince Swathi to chop her half of her hair. Now she is feeling comfortable.

After a discussion her mother came with coffee and snacks and she asking about our college, during her daughter's absence. We said everything went well, so don't worry about her study. Once she come back will take care about her syllabus. Her mother happily said ok. Then we asking about her return to college she said, it will take other 30 days. Because, now she is ok, but need bed rest. After her recovery they planning go to tirupathi for Swathi's headshave. We both got shocked, and asking why headshave. Her mother said, I had a vow once Swathi recover fully me and Swathi will tonsure head at tirumala. We looked Swathi, she also smiled and said, yes guys, I will shave my head. This is my mother's wish so I should obey her wish. After a long chat we left her house.

20 days later we went to Swathi's house again, this time her mother and Swathi sporting a bald look. We asking about her health. Her mother said now she is normal she will be coming to college by next week. Swathi said, we went to tirumala 2 days back only. We had a good darshan. And she gave the prasadam's to our friends. After a week Swathi comes to college she covered her head with scarf. all of them in our class shocked with Swathi's look. After this incident, Swathi maintains only her like boyish haircut.

 Hope you guys will enjoy my experience.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Soundarya Indian girl long hair head shave story

Hi this is Sondarya. I want share my head shave experience. My family have 5 members(me,mom.dad and 2 younger brother).we are already booked the train ticket. Sunday morning we are reached thirupathi at 5o clock.and we have rest new more min.my dad called my mom shall we moved to kalyanakatta, then my mom call me.you bought some flowers. Then we are went to kalyanakatta there was very rush. My dad take 5 tickets with blades.3 of the same no and 2 token is different then mom told my dad me ,Sondarya,raj we are going one side.you and kumar take that token my dad said ok.we are waiting in a queue. That line only 7 members in a queue.i am the 4th person first one old lady then my brother and then my mom next me,the barber already told the hs person wet the hair so we are wet the hair. First my brother go and sit infront of the barber and already handover the ticket and blade.Then the barber change the blade and shave my raj head with in 5 min he was bald.Then my brother getup then my mom sit infront of the barber my mom have very tick hair and also very long same to me.the barber bend my mom head my mom remove the flowers he take the knife to mom head with the sound shr... Shr the hairs down on the cross leg. With in 5 min totally over my mom also bald and she is very cute in bald head. Then she getup and then me turn i sat infront of the barber then gave the token and blade then i removed my band and flowers . He changed the blade. Then stared the hs my hair fall down my cross leg. Totally completed he told ok madam u getup and we are moved to bath and applied sandal in our head my dad and bro joined with us. Then we are going to swamy dharisanam after that monday evening we are comeback.

Bhuvana and Vidhya head shave story from India

My name is Vidhya and my friend is Bhuvana. As I am a hair fetish I love Bhuvana’s hair as her hair is so thick long and soft. I usually touch her hair and keep my fingers in her hair for a long time. But in my mind,I use to think to shave her hair and enjoy that excitement.

She study very well and almost she is only the topper in the class. One day when we are studying, I talked with Bhuvana. “Hey Bhuvana this is really a tough exam. So to get passed we should pray for god. And moreover I heard that if you do headshave then you will definetly get good marks”. She first didn’t agree because she dont want to shave such a long hair of her. I again asked her “if hair gets shaved, it will grow but if exam goes means it will not come.”

Now she got in a deep thinking about it.

She asked me ” what about u ? Do you shave? ”

I replied her ” ya. First you if you agree and than its me”

She finally agreed for that but asked about the place of the temple for headshave.

I replied her “tomorrow is our exam so we cant able to go to any temples now so we will do one thing. I will shave your head and you will shave mine”

She agreed for that and as I already have razor, so I took Bhuvana with me to the garden at our house where no one is there.

I also told Bhuvana, if any one asks about headshave, we should tell them that headshave is done at temple for exam.

Now my desire is getting fullfil. I asked Bhuvana to come and sit infront of me. Her hair is neatly oiled and tied long braid. I kept my hands on her hair and loose her oily braid and free her hair.

I poured water from jug on her hair and start massaging her head. Her breath increased with tension. After fully wetted her hair, I took razor and asked Bhuvana to bend her head. Now I placed razor on her head and start shaving. Her black hair fall like a river and I enjoyed verymuch by doing this.

Now I completely shaved one side of her head and saw her face. Its really amazing. Now I poured some water on her head as water dried off, and again do the shave for remaining area. All her hair fell down and she is now completely bald.

Now its Bhuvana turn to shave my head. She told ” Vidhya! Come and sit for your shave.” As no chance, I sat before her. She loosen my shoulder length pony tail and wetted with water. She didn’t make any knots as I done to her. My hair is now wet and loose and I bent head before Bhuvana. Suddenly a cool sensation started that Bhuvana started headshave. Hair locks felling down and I didn’t raise head until headshave completed. The front part is bald and she is shaving the back side. Finally its bald and the place is filled with both our girls hairs.

Indian Men hair cut experiece

Hi Friends.. I am sharath .. I wanted to share my very short haircut experience.
I usually cut my hair to a medium length once every month & get the same for my son vinay. Yesterday evening while talking to my wife, I told her that i am planning for a haircut tomorrow morning. She instantly said that you and vinay badly need a haircut. She also added that we should get a short haircut. I was surprised and asked her if she was serious. She said yes.
So today morning we went to our regular barbershop for our haircuts. Since we went early, the shop was not crowded.
We entered the shop and the barber greeted us. I told vinay to get in the chair. The barber asked usual cut? I replied NO. Give him a short haircut. Barber made sure if i really wanted him to do so.
I told him yes, go ahead. Barber took the electric machine and started cutting his hair. I was expecting that vinay wont be happy with this, but he really did not care. He cut the back and then both the sides with machine. Then he sprayed water on the top. And nicely reduced the top such that no hair was left to comb.
Once he was done, I got in the chair. And i told the barber that even i need a short cut. He then asked me how short I wanted it cut. I replied that i want the sides and back very short just like vinay, and about an inch of hair on the top so that i can comb it and it will look professional at my work. Barber again took the machine and started to cut the back of my hair. I was enjoying the haircut. he finished with the machine cutting. Then he sprayed the top hair and started chopping it. He neatly cut it to 1 inch. I asked him if he can cut it shorter. He said that if he cuts further, then i would not be able to comb my hair. i said ok. He again started cutting the top hair. and reduced to 1/2 inch. He then combed the all the top hair forward. It was looking nice. I paid the barber and went home.
My wife was really happy when she saw me and vinay and she just could not stop touching the machine surface of my hair.
It was a joyful experience overall!!!