Saturday, 2 March 2013

Soundarya Indian girl long hair head shave story

Hi this is Sondarya. I want share my head shave experience. My family have 5 members(me, and 2 younger brother).we are already booked the train ticket. Sunday morning we are reached thirupathi at 5o clock.and we have rest new more dad called my mom shall we moved to kalyanakatta, then my mom call bought some flowers. Then we are went to kalyanakatta there was very rush. My dad take 5 tickets with blades.3 of the same no and 2 token is different then mom told my dad me ,Sondarya,raj we are going one and kumar take that token my dad said ok.we are waiting in a queue. That line only 7 members in a queue.i am the 4th person first one old lady then my brother and then my mom next me,the barber already told the hs person wet the hair so we are wet the hair. First my brother go and sit infront of the barber and already handover the ticket and blade.Then the barber change the blade and shave my raj head with in 5 min he was bald.Then my brother getup then my mom sit infront of the barber my mom have very tick hair and also very long same to me.the barber bend my mom head my mom remove the flowers he take the knife to mom head with the sound shr... Shr the hairs down on the cross leg. With in 5 min totally over my mom also bald and she is very cute in bald head. Then she getup and then me turn i sat infront of the barber then gave the token and blade then i removed my band and flowers . He changed the blade. Then stared the hs my hair fall down my cross leg. Totally completed he told ok madam u getup and we are moved to bath and applied sandal in our head my dad and bro joined with us. Then we are going to swamy dharisanam after that monday evening we are comeback.

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